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Hi, I am Sheen

I am a writer who gave up on being a certified civil engineer to pursue my author dream. I live along the backwaters of the beautiful  Alapuzha in 'God's own country', Kerala.

I was born in Thrissur, Kerala. Being an Indian Army kid, I did most of my schooling in six different schools all over India, finally settling down in Kerala. So it is no wonder that I am a wanderer. I love to travel to new places.

My love for books and writing began at an early age of ten or eleven when I wrote my first poem and short stories. But at that time and for a long time I did not see writing as a career path. I was one of those Indian kids for whom the only career choices were medicine or engineering and I chose the latter because like many of my peers I used to believe that the other paths were only for the academically weaker students. 

Even though I had started loving books at a young age, my real love for reading novels started when I moved to kerala at the age of fourteen. The library in my new school had a wide variety of books and we had full access to them. I started writing again and got published in some children's magazines and school year books. I knew I wanted to be an author some day, but even then I thought that would only be a side hustle and I would take up civil engineering as a profession. Somehow in the rush of completing my professional course, I stopped writing altogether.

Even though I completed my engineering and secured a job, I realised this is not what I actually wanted to do. I liked being a civil engineer but I loved being an author. So I resumed my creative journey and started writing again along with my day job. But to be honest each day I was too tired to write after a hectic day at work. I could not complete even a single manuscript.

So, when I got married and moved to a small town and could not find a good company to work for as a civil engineer, I saw it as a sign for me to concentrate on my dream to become a published author. So, after my husband and I discussed, I decided to quit being a civil engineer and work towards my creative goals.


So here I am today, working on my debut novel and building my dream life. You are welcome to come join me in my creative journey.

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