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  • Sheen Johns


Home is a feeling of belonging. It is a state of comfort, freedom, unconditional love and peace. That is what home means to me. As someone who grew up across the country, I have found home in many places. All those places had one thing in common, my family and the newfound people I loved and cared for. Some distant places from the past still feel home, because of the friendships that blossomed that still lasts decades later.

I find home in people too. I am home in the arms of the man I love. I am home when I laugh with my parents. I am home even when I fight with my brother and when I am on a call with my friends.

Home is a pLace where I will not be judged for being myself, a place I can dress and sit the way I wish. A place where I can raise my own family, dance with them, share our sorrows and memories, where we will have our own secret jokes and above all, the place where I will love and be loved unconditionally, is where I will be truly home.

My home is anywhere in the world where I am the happiest.

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