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  • Sheen Johns

A Sprikle of Magic

I love this. This moment when I am smiling, sitting on my table by the window at home, listening to good music, drawing and writing while the breeze brings in the the chill of the drizzle from outside to freeze my skin and warm my heart. My heart is free again, as if it is flying high above the mountains and the oceans. I am happy.

There is magic in this world, hidden behind a facade of ordinary. It is all around us. We just do not see it because we are not seekers of magic. When I think about it, each one of us is a magical creature, you and me. Every person, young and old, every plant, each pebble, water droplets, the air we breathe, the light, the dark, the sun, the stars, the moon, the entire universe has some sorcery in them. It is a magical world we live in, even though most of us don't see it in the mundaneness of our busy schedules. Maybe if we slowed down a moment and became seekers, we might get a taste of the wonders of the world. Because my dear, even your smile creates ripples of magic in someone's heart.

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