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  • Sheen Johns

Aren't We All Insane In Some Ways?

Have you ever wondered why we do not reveal everything in our minds? What if people could look into our minds or hear our thoughts? If doors to our minds were to be opened and people let in, then they will see all our thoughts, crazy ideas, our secret worlds, the actual list of people we dislike and the ones we secretly admire. Our deepest fears and oldest scars will lay bare, to be prodded and judged. There is a reason that our own minds are the only secret keepers we can trust. They hide the raw, real version of us. The ones uninfluenced by the societal standards and worldly normalcy. We all have a part in us that, by worldly standard are seen as abnormal, outrageous, indecent and many times crazy. So yes, we all are insane in some ways. The topper student who wished to become an artist is deemed foolish, the girl with male friends is slutty, the woman who wished to work is selfish, the lady who loves shorts is unsanskari, the bahu who wishes to move out is a homewrecker, the person who chooses his own sexuality is abnormal, the man who cries is weak, the person with the tattoo is dangerous, the one who raises a voice against the ruling party is anti national and many more who differ from the set normalcy of the world are called crazy in one way or the other. The ones who reign it in and live for the worldly approval are the typical normal people; the ones who are almost perfect yet judged by the society. The ones who let it out are the rebels, the outcasts, the artists, the creatives, the crazy. In other words they are the ones who pave their own way, disregarding the societal norms and build their own world.

I wish all of us could let out a tiny bit of that insane passion from our minds, love ourselves the way we are and paint the life we want for us.

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