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  • Sheen Johns

Change Is The Only Constant

Change is something we see every moment of our lives yet forget about. Change is not bothered by our financial status or physical appearance or anything for that matter, it happens to everyone and everything. From the moment we were in our mother's womb to even after our death within our graves we change into different forms. As humans when time passes and our situations change we we change with it, physically, emotionally and our relations, affections, values, goals, likes, dislikes, every bit of us changes. No man or woman has remained the same their entire life. Even inanimate objects, like the fossil that change to fuels overtime.

What was once closest to our heart may now see too distant. your childhood best friend might now only seem as an acquaintance. You may no longer resonate with people you once were closest to and it then that you need to let go of them and move forward. It is all part of our growth. You cannot grow if you resist change. Change can be as beautiful as spring after a chilly winter if you just let it be. When you give it time and the right surroundings even carbon turns to diamond.

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