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  • Sheen Johns

Hope : A 'seeker of light' or 'bearer of sorrow'?

What is hope, oh wise one? once a man asked a wise old wizard.

To that the wizard smiled and replied.

'Hope young man, is a promise of an awaiting beauty, that we make to ourselves in times of tragedy, just so that we may not fall and keep on going.'

Hope, may be seen as a seeker of light but I must say it is not always a bringer of joy. Hope is a sorrow bearer. Hope is a heart crusher. Hope gets me all excited, it fills my heart with a longing desire and happiness of the things yet to come. Sometimes it crushes your soul and bleeds your heart. Everytime I hope you will see me, but you don't, I lose hope. Every year as I believe you would come back but you don't, I lose hope; every moment spent believing, longing, wishing, hoping, turns out to be in vain.

Even then, from time immemorial, we humans cling on to hope as our last resort. Because, hope of a streak of sunlight through the cracks of the 'door of future' is what keeps us going. The hope of happiness at the end of a rugged road, the hope of a better life, the hope of finding the one true love, even the hope of mere happiness makes all the suffering a little lighter to bear. This hope makes us stronger, holds us up and takes us further when we are bound to fall.

So my friends, 'hope' we must. We must not loose hope of better days and sunshine after a storm. Especially in times of unbearable pain, because hope is the only thing we will be left with, to save ourselves. If possible, help someone to see the ray of hope in their times of despair. You might save a soul. One must always hope for a brighter step ahead, because maybe, just maybe there still is something beautiful left in this world for us to know yet.

No matter how harsh or how long the cold winter lasts, at the end of it all, there is always spring waiting to bloom and prosper.

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