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  • Sheen Johns


Memories. What are they? If you ask me, they are the bits and pieces, motion pictures and the voices and smells from our past, that we still carry in our hearts and minds.

The happy, the sad, the fearful memories are scattered in the different corners of our mind. The mind, it is a mysterious place or is it a being in itself? I am not sure. The tricks it plays. Sometimes the reality of the past is clouded by the desires of our heart and the memories of those moments formed are slightly different from what actually happened. We like to keep those happy bygone moments all rosy, cheerful and love filled. So our mind gets into work and over time, decades later those simple moments become magical somehow. Away from our reach, lost forever, but still pulls at our heartstrings nevertheless. We mosty recollect the happy memories. The sad and dreadful one are usually tucked away in some deep crater in some unknown corner of our heart. Forgotten.Only to resurface when something as sad or fearful as it happens. And how we wish it never does. They say time heals all wounds but i think it is our ability to hide the pieces of our deepest scars far away and forget that we were ever hurt that lets us live a life of peace and happiness. Times spent with our childhood friends, the first crush, the first love, the first kiss under the mistletoe, the hardest heartbreak, the first time we made our parents proud, the smell of the wind on a vacation on a faraway land, the first time we felt proud of ourselves, every little thing, now a beautiful memory. Even when the images fade, our senses remember how we felt. We can still feel the chilling breeze from that autumn evening spent in delhi, the smell of our late granny's hug, the sweetness of the first kiss, the actual pain of that time our heart was broken, the taste of amma's special dum biriyani, papa's laughter on the dumbest of jokes you made as a kid. Every happy memory is remembered as a feeling and kept safe as a treasure in the most prettiest pockets of our heart. Each moment we live today will be a memory one day. Do at least one thing that makes your soul happy every single day. Make each day worthwhile enough to turn it into beautiful memory to be reminisced some day.

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