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  • Sheen Johns

What the heart desires, the mind conspires

Our hearts and minds are often in a conflict. The mind choosing the path of logic, based on facts while our heart does not care for the consequences or the path, it just wants what it wants.

When we want a certain thing, it is our heart that asks for it. Our mind considers it and after a lot of brainstorming it comes out with all the possible ways to fulfill our wish and how it will affect us or others. But what our minds do best is to present us with all the possible ways our heartfelt desire could go wrong. All the 'what ifs'. What if this goes wrong?, what if you get embarrassed?, what if it is not possible at all ?, is it worth trying?, what if it fails?, it is too much of a risk...and the list goes on. Our minds scare us so much so that we are afraid take the even first step towards our goal.

The thing we have to know is that, it is in the nature of our brain to tell us of all the ways things could go wrong. There is no stopping that. If we succumb to it and let go of our dream, our heart will not give us a moment of peace. It will torture the brain to rethink and find ways to continue with chasing the dream of our life. When we continue to listen to our brain instead of our heart, what we lose is time and many opportunities.Many a times it is in our death beds that we realise we should have followed our heart, ask any old people, they would tell you the same.

We just need to put some faith in our dreams. When we have faith in what we want and are confident about it, our logical mind has no option but to carve out paths to lead us to the goals we aspire to achieve. So if we insist enough, keep faith, and are consistent in what we do, 'what our heart desires, our mind conspires.'

Life is short, so follow your heart and enjoy it while it lasts.

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